Omega Hydro Peel Facial

A variety of skin problems are improved
1, clean the skin in the cosmetic residue, remove the skin allergies, mites.
2, to improve acne, folliculitis.
3, skin whitening, improve skin dull, yellowish, improve skin texture.
4, according to the nutritional effect of different nutrition, the skin to play the corresponding replenishment, nourishing, oxygen effect.
5, remove the blackheads, improve skin relaxation, fine pores, increase skin transparency.

unique advantages
Remove all kinds of skin garbage, restore skin healthy color - ultra-small bubbles in the absence of pain in the state, can deep cleansing, remove the aging keratinocytes, remove the sebum, thoroughly remove the hair follicle infiltration of various impurities, mites and grease residue Material.
Promote microcirculation, revitalize Huan Yan - can increase the oxygen content of the skin capillaries, and promote the skin's blood circulation, while the release of small bubbles of reactive oxygen species can give the skin anti-free radical effect, which can inhibit the aging of the skin The
Deep skin care - effective nutrition can be given directly to the skin deep, to help restore skin moist and elastic.


OPT Skin Rejuvenation


OPT is a non-invasive yet effective anti-aging solution that promotes younger, healthier, and glowing skin. Broad spectrum pulsed light targets sun damage, environmental damage, and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots, stimulating collagen or elastin, and regenerating healthy skin cells. It also minimizes redness from broken capillaries and rosacea. You will notice a visible reduction in pore sizes, fine lines, and mild wrinkles, resulting in an overall healthier complexion. In addition to your face, it can be successfully used to rejuvenate the skin on your neck, back, décolleté, arms, and hands.