The wavelength light as well as thermal effects of CO2 laser pulsed light using for treatment is employed. Under thermal effects, mucous layers, muscular layer and fiber membrane layers are stimulated to reshape collagen fibers and elastic fibers, making vaginal wall becoming thick and tight. Then, under the stimulus of microvessels, sensitiveness as well as moist degree of vaginal wall will increase greatly. Also, its organization, PH and bacteria normalized rate will be changed to strengthen its immunity and lower down inflammation. After a course of treatment to firming up 70%,effect lasts 1--1.5years. 



Solving pigment matters around the labium majus and the labiumminus through segmented minimal invasive surgery, which will result in a smooth labium with natural pink.This process is nearly painless and nearly no recovery period is needed.  




Through the negative pressure bio-electric resonance combined with the ancient Chinese medicine Meridian acupoints Open manipulation of the role of free fat re-shape fixed, a comprehensive repair to enhance the elasticity of the breast suspension ligament and connective tissue elasticity, continuous activation of the breast atrophy of the glands, increase cell potential difference, so that the breast cells recharge, activate cells, accelerate Metabolism. Dredge the breast meridians, lymph, so that the cells and tissues produced by waste and toxins can be taken away and excreted out of the body, repair cells so that the breasts remain upright and erect, firming ascension, full of Abundance. 

Breast Care Treatment Address the following issues primarily:
Congenital small Breasts
Postpartum atrophy
Repair Accessory Breast
Saggy breasts
Breast size varies
Repair of lobular hyperplasia
Repair mammary gland hyperplasia Breast enlargement


Divided into five treatment steps:

PDT IPL + micro +5 chest acupuncture massage head,
lymph and breast dredging function.

Negative pressure ball transfer work to grab the first move - fat, grease, tighten and enhance the function of breast lymphatic dredging

Microelectronics patch to tighten the function - open the pores into the product, lymphatic dredge, tightening to enhance the function.

Negative pressure + micro + PDT mask cup - Tighten, enhance, enhance breast flexibility Infrared heat + airwave massage - clear the body meridians, uterine and ovarian improve the physiological environment and promote blood circulation, thereby improving breast physiology.

Chest care treatment mainly to solve the following problems:

  • Congenital flat chest

  • Postpartum atrophy

  • Repair fufang

  • Breast sagging

  • Breasts vary in size

  • Repair lobular hyperplasia

  • Repair breast hyperplasia

  • Breast enlargement





working principle of gold dot matrix microneedle
Through ground-breaking high-energy and high-frequency conduction, at each dot, the probe of gold microneedle dot matrix can emit a matrix molecular energy wave with a frequency of as high as 6 million vibrations per second, directly reaching to the source of wrinkle and tissue slackness, sustaining the stimulation and increasing the skin’s collagen, 


shrinking the collagen by means of thermal energy, highly effectively activating the skin collagen and fiber through precise-positioning, arousing the rebirth of collagen, restructuring the collagen support. Meanwhile, combined with áEF genetic recombination solution which is imported from Swiss with original packaging in order to effectively provide the nutrients

necessary for the skin repair, so as to realize a  unique effect of deeply body firming, lifting and pulling, anti-wrinkle and rid of stretch marks.  A course of treatment significantly improved 80%.
when the RF electric field acts on the skin tissue, the ratio of subcutaneous fat heating to the dermis tissue heating can be up to 8:1 the adipose tissue is softened, shrunk and decomposed after absorbing the energy, making the skin tight and elastic.