Introduction of frozen dissolved fat

1. Working principle:

Frozen dissolved fat, is to put the frozen fat device on the human skin surface, so that the subcutaneous tissue cooling to 5 ℃, fat cells premature aging, and gradually died, through metabolism excretion out of the body, to achieve the effect of slimming.

2. Weight Loss Process First in the abdomen or the waist delineation needs to dissolve the fat range, the anti-freeze film flat paste soluble fat range, frozen fat working head after opening to fit on the skin surface, and the subcutaneous tissue cooling to 5 ℃, one hour after the adipose tissue is destroyed, the main components of fat cell triglyceride will be premature aging, fat cells die,
After two or three months, the necrosis of the fat cells with the body metabolism, to achieve the effect of shaping the 

3. Applicable population
Apply to local weight loss, postpartum local obesity, waist, abdomen, hips, back, thighs, arms, Chin and other local obesity fat Reduction.

4. Distinguishing between traditional weight loss
Safety: no need for medication, no anesthesia, no surgery, no Trauma.
Pain: the first contact with the fat-dissolving apparatus will have an uncomfortable sense of freezing, but soon disappear.
Effective period: two months or more after the death of the cells completely discharged, to achieve the effect of slimming shape.
Recovery period: No recovery period, can be done after other Activities.
Precautions: after the freeze-dissolving fat should be reasonable to arrange diet and exercise, maintain body shape.

5. Precautions
After receiving the frozen dissolved fat method, but also often exercise attention to diet, less oil, less salt, 
and more water, exercise half an hour a day, so that it is not easy to rebound.

6. Effects
According to clinical studies, the thickness of the fat layer decreased by an average of 22.4% in the 2 months to 4 months after receiving "frozen liposuction", with a body shape of approximately 9 months to 12 months.

7. Security "frozen liposuction" does not cause long-term or obvious side effects, because the freezing effect only targets the fat layer and therefore does not frostbite the viscera and does not injure the Skin.

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