ITEC Licensed beautician who has more than 10 years of experience in New Zealand is in charge of the project:Skin Care, Postpartum repair, Body shape, Hair Removal Treatment, Filling and wrinkle-relieving injections.

Skin Care



1. Professional Facail Care

️2. Special Treatment

  • dense dot matrix laser skin (face + neck).

  • Israel technology dispel dark circles, pouch, eye wrinkles.

  • exclusive Israeli technology v face lifting tightening (python), skin whitening, tightening pores, strong anti-wrinkle (Sichuan, crow's feet, law and mouth lines). 

  • repair seat sores bump hole

3. Skin Rejuvenation 

  • OPT Pigmentation Removal

  • Picosure Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

Postpartum repair

  1. Germany Co2 Laser Vaginal Firming Repair.

  2. Treatment of mild and moderate vaginal inflammation and vaginal dryness.

  3. Treatment of postpartum stress urinary incontinence

  4. Vulva + areola pigment desalination.

  5. Israeli technical treatment of stretch marks, obesity pattern, growth pattern, atrophy pattern.

  6. Israel technical treatment abdominal relaxation.

Filling and wrinkle-relieving injections

️Botulinum toxin Dysport

  1. Thin face needle.

  2. In addition to wrinkle needle by location--crow's feet/head pattern/Chuan character pattern/nasal pattern.

  3. Thin leg needle.

  4. Thin shoulder needle.


Hyaluronic Acid Restlyane filling

  1. Chin

  2. Temples

  3. Law Grain

  4. Abundant lips

️PRP Self-Body Serum One course of 3 treatment times, once a month per treatment.



Body Shape
Cool Plastic frozen soluble fat
Treatment site:


  1. Large Arms

  2. Thigh

  3. Calf

  4. Back 

  5. Waist belly

Hair Removal Treatment


  1. OPT Laser Hair Removal

  2. 808 Diode Speed Laser Hair Removal.



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